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Case studies

So why choose CPK Web Services?

At CPK Web Services our staff have over 10 years’ experience delivering online solutions for businesses and organisations in a range of industries and sizes.
Look at the below case studies for more information.
Non-Profit organisations
CPK Web Services has been working closely with the non-profit sector since the business launched.
South Gippsland Dance Eisteddfod
The South Gippsland dance Eisteddfod formerly known as the Great Southern Star Eisteddfod launched in 2010, they put on an annual dance and performance events every year for students in South Gippsland and beyond.
The Problem
The organisation needed a website to promote their annual events to South Gippsland and the world.
Our Solution
CPK Web Services has actually built two websites for this client, one when they originally launched in 2010, which was a brochure website with contact information to allow students and other interested parties to know of the organisation and to post photos of participants.
The first website was quite basic but certainly did the job it was designed to do as the event has been growing every year since.
In early 2018 the organisation decided to change its name and completely re brand itself.
As part of this CPK Web Services redesigned the organisation’s website to fit with the new branding and colour scheme, giving the site a modern look and feel while including the contact information and photos of the participants.
The new site is built on the Wordpress Content management system and includes intergration with social media including the organisation’s Facebook page.
 The site is done with a responsive design which adapts to any screen size including desktops and mobile devices.


Small Business
We have been working with small businesses for a number of years as well assisting them to promote their services and sell products and services online.
The Problem

This client had an outdated website that they couldn't update themselves.
Our solution
We redesigned the site in 2021 so the business owner can now add photos and update the text when new projects are completed. We also linked the Trikfab social media profiles to the site so that site visitors can find them quicker.

Take a look at the website using this link to Trikfab.

Enterprise and Government
At CPK Web Services we also provide solutions for enterprise and Government organisations, These services include our consulting services such as web accessibility testing and reporting on issues relating to WCAG, Web Content Accessibility guidelines version 2.0.
Colac Otway Regional Advocacy Service
 The Problem

The client needed two websites to promote their services aimed at two slightly different customer bases.
Coras, or Colac Otway Regional Advocacy Service provides advocacy services for people with a disability and receives Government funding to assist in running the service.
They also run a service called Co Connect, which is a separate service focusing on support coordination services for people on the National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS.
The issue was the client needed both the main brochure website for Coras and a Micro site for CoConnect but they needed both websites to be WCAG 2.0 compliant and both websites needed to have information that was easy to find.
The solution
CPK Web Services delivered both the main website and the Micro site in 2017 and both met the brief.
CPK Web Services also provides the client with website hosting and email services and on-going support to meet yearly audits.
As the client relies on Government contracts for income, it is vital that all legal requirements are met and a big part of that is making sure that the IT infrastructure is compliant.

At CPK Web Services we rolled out specific email archiving policies for the client that means that all email 7 years or older gets archived off the mail servers.

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