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About us

At CPK Web Services we offer a complete solution for your businesses online presence.

We provide businesses and organisations with all the tools they need to get their business online.
We can assist your business from concept to completion

Why CPK Web Services?
You should choose CPK Web Services for the following reasons.
Fully Managed solutions
All our clients websites are hosted on our fully managed hosting platform, all the content management systems, CMS are patched and updated.
We also ensure that all plugins that are used by Wordpress and any other Content Management System, CMS are also kept up to date, this prevents hacking attempts and other malicious activity.
Highly trained staff
The staff that CPK Web Services hire to carry out work are all highly trained and they all have a minimum of 10 years’ experience designing and developing websites as well as administering servers.
 As a Microsoft partner all staff that work on Microsoft related cloud services are all certified by Microsoft.

Sure you can get just about anyone with a laptop and an internet connection to build you a website, but the thing you need to ask is, will this website make me money? and what happens if something goes wrong?

At CPK Web Services we have over 10 years experience of building websites and our clients businesses have grown year on year. Even if your a non-profit organisation you still want the ability to grow your membership base or to have people volunteer for the organisation, a poorly maintained website can actually significantly detract from this. If your website is for a Government department we can assist you to achieve your goals be that wanting people to be able to book services online or just to assist people to find information, get in touch with us today.

Always available

At CPK Web Services you can reach us during our standard support hours of 10AM to 10PM Monday to Friday and by email to on a weekend for critical issues.
We reward customer loyalty 
At CPK Web Services we have customers that have been with us from the start, that is getting on for 11 years in some cases.
Here to stay
So many businesses start in this industry thinking they can make loads of money just by slapping a few web pages online and hoping that the traffic will just roll in.
We’ve been doing this for over 10 years now so we understand what works and what doesn’t.
Our graphic designers and web developers are highly skilled at what they do, we don’t use templates all our sites are custom designed to fit your businesses requirements.
We only focus on your return on investment
A website that is well designed and that works on any device, including Laptops, Desktops and mobile devices as well as Tablets is only part of the picture, your website needs to be a part of your business growth strategy, now a days print advertising and printed business directories are dead. When was the last time you even searched for one? However, you probably just used Google to search for a website design firm which is how you ended up on this page in the first place.
You need to make sure that your businesses website is visible online and that it is actually earning you revenue.
If your business website is failing to make you money get in touch with us at CPK Web Services right away and we will fix that.
We drive leads
At CPK Web Services if you don’t have a business that is Ecommerce related and you only want to mainly generate enquiries or get people to attend your event we can take care of that as well, just get in touch.
But getting a website is too expensive
The amount of times we have customers coming to us only shopping on price is frankly ridiculous.
We would suggest not just focusing on the cost, a website isn’t a consumer item and frankly it isn’t even just an advertising piece. A website is a critical part of your overall business, it is the online version of your shop front. You need to take your website as seriously as you take your physical premises.
If you don’t have a physical shop, then you need to take it even more seriously, if you buy one of those DIY websites, or find someone to throw something together for you on the cheap and it goes down, you don’t sell anything or can’t take enquiries.
It is a well-established fact that most small businesses fail within the first couple of years of operation, at CPK Web Services we want to try and reverse this trend we want your business or indeed your non-profit organisation to succeed as much as you do.
Or for corporate and Government customers, we want your various clients and employees to be able to achieve what they set out to do, be that they want to book a consultation or pay for a service.

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